Ivory ( the rotters who procure it)

The Narathiwat National Park
In Southern Thailand found
A fifteen year old Elephant
A male tusker on the ground
Half in a canal it seems
It’s head hacked off oh dear
Such a grisly murder scene
That raises yet more fear

Poaching Is an ugly business
The bribable the mercenary
They sell their souls for money
So treacherous you see
They simply have no morals
Swindlers and frauds
Wicked and iniquitous
Getting their rewards

From murdering the innocent
Real amorality
Depraved venal rotters
Utter flagrancy
Shooting down an elephant
A male with Tasks On show
Clearly they wanted ivory
For the underworld below

They completely lack contrition
Relentless through through
They are self indulgent villains
With nothing else to do
Their thoughts are contradictory
Retards let me say
Loaded with defiance
And they demonstrate dismay
Militant and mobilised
They Just kill thats their job
They are rigid and inflexible
All they do is rob
Wild creatures of their Right of life
They are butchers as we see
Callous and intolerant
They want the ivory

They plunder and they rip off
Purloin shanghai and filch
As for feelings they are dead
From the neck up really theres zilch
Bitterness and painfulness
As spiteful as they can be
Shot down in cold blood
And before their dead the butchery

They are monsters plain and simple
hardened to the core
Blackguards rotters bounders
Everythings a war
The only thing they care about
Is earning big bucks and we
Must catch the bastards and string them up
For all the world to see

Death is the only remedy
To finish off these vile
Insignificant arseholes
Their presence
it does rile
Me and any sane soul
Watching the insane acts
This 15 year old tusker
Murdered these are the facts

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