A broad spectrum herbicide
Used to slaughter unwanted plants
In agriculture and landscaping
Used with surfactants
For a better chance
Of total penetration
Into the plant cell
To animals it’s toxic
To eyes and skin they tell
Cardiac depression
Intestinal pain
Excess fluids in the lungs
Causing reduced weight gain
Rubbishing human blood cells
Lens degeneration
Reduced sperm counts in male rats
And such accumulation

Roundup and yes Rodeo
The two R’s one might say
Really affecting race horses
Almost in every way
Lesion s of the salivary gland
Death of liver cells
Pancreas and liver
Bone structure
Every day

Dessicants and surfactants
On soybeans and hay
It really is a horrid substance
Being used all day
On parks lands and in
On drains on paving
Dogs and cats and mice and rats
View it with despair

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