Foxgloves(Digitalis Purpurea)

“Witches thimbles “Deadmens’s bells”
“Cow flop“ three names for
The foxgloves
There are many many many more
Feminine their gender
Planet Venus element water
Powers of Protection, They
Are finger like
Biennial plants
Well loved by the Fae

Never cut them and bring
Into the house
It will not do
The faeries Would not like
The idea
But something that’s true
Is cut a piece and wear it
In a talisman and they
Will keep you in The faery light
To brighten every day

It’s said I hear in Faery Lore
Evil faeries gave a Fox
The flower petals
To put upon his toes
When he’d be sure
To rob the chicken house
And therefore would have not been heard
The fox of course
Had claimed he had followed
Every word

In Wales the witches
I am told
Made a black dye
From Foxglove leaves
Painting a cross
On all their floors
Dissuading The evil
Which It achieves

It was Leonard Fuchs
In 1542 who gave his name
In German Fuchs is Fox
You see
So if anyone’s to blame
It’s him
A lover of acid soils
And partial sunlight they
Attract a Fox glove pug
A special moth
Who likes to play

It is said the “yellow period“
Van Goughs latter years
Was attributed to his digitalis
Moments, and his fears
It was though in 1890
With suicidal intent he
Ended what was certain
A life of much audacity

Also known as Doctor Foxglove
Healer to the plants around
In their aura others flourish
Resist the rot and will astound
Avid followers of the richness
cultivated around a bout
Often found where minerals rich
Do abound and there’s no doubt
In Russia often coal is spotted
From helicopters seeing fields
Of tall and waving fox glove
Giving off the best of yields.

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