Foie gras

Is there anything more dreadful
More nasty
Unwholesome and unhealthy
Let me know
Creating a disease in ducks and geese
Until they scream
In agony internally
As their liver starts to grow
Pushes its way into the lungs
Cuts off air and breath
Causing terrible ulceration
To their throats
Thus unto death

This terrible farming practise
A festering affair
Produced by miserable scumbags
Completely unaware
Threatening and torturing
A god made miracle soul
By debasing and by cheating
And, taking control

It’s degeneration
Impairment all the way
Watching beautiful water fowl
Defiled and made to pay
To make a so called delicacy
Only man unkind
Would dare to call it food
In fact
Someone, out of their mind

It’s disabling mutilation
Contusions everywhere
The farmers and consumers
Are depraved without a care
This rotten shocking pate
Served chilled with toast I hear
One hopes the vile bacteria
Within it causes fear

Is these so gourmands
Wretched ugly sods
Who buy into this torture
Disrespecting gods
Who worked so hard to make sweet souls
Beautiful and well
And by force feeding
Create in fact a disease
Straight out of HELL.

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