ELK got it’s own way in the end

A bow hunter shot an elk
And went to bed
In the morning woke up
Thinking it was dead
He then went out a looking
And suddenly he found
The ELK was charging at him
And knocked him to the ground
THe elks horns had
Gone right through his neck
66 years old
So the ELK had got his own back
For Being extra bold

Hunters who shoot arrows
Into animals and run
Leaving them to agonise
All night long as he had done
Face the wrath of a injured Elk
And it killed him In a fit
Of rage and all I can say is GOOD
No matter what his age
One hope its bloody hurt a lot
That poor Elk all night long
Made it till the morning
And showed the man how wrong
How totally without compassion
He slept it off until
He woke Up expecting to claim his prize
And instead his blood did spill
I can’t help thinking karma
Had entered the affray
And the Elk head down impassioned
Stole his life away

It reads a bit like Cecil
The Lion and Palmer who
Went to bed and dreamt about
What he was going to do
Become the worlds most infamous
Hunter and he was right
And Cecil entered our psyche
Suffering all night
Hunters have a way about them
Arrogance and ill
They are heartless through and through
Trying to Instil
A philosophy of conservation
By their tactics they
In fact prove beyond any doubt
They are evil All the way.

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