Defamation and all that follows

Project Chimps
The sanctuary in Georgia
Has 78 ex laboratory Chimpanzees
Former staff have said the apes
Are not looked after well
And the sanctuary is suing
For defamation so a Spell
Of nastiness and hurtfulness
But there is no smoke without fire
It’s cringeworthy apparently
Sometimes even dire

And now some other ex employees
are saying things are bad
Whilst human beings argue
The Chimps feel very sad
If they were from laboratories
Experimented on
And were taken by a sanctUary
And the love and care has gone

From bad to worse that’s terrible
Wild chimps lives turn out bad
If they are not looked after
They must feel they have had
A rotten life and the fallout
Must be perilous for they
Hoped for some redemption
But still being made to pay

Imagine their non fulfilment
Ill equipped to manage
The insufficiency of being
Abandoned in a way
Written off as hopeless
There is nothing they can say

The voiceless are the victims
Withdrawal of their care
They kind of feel like fugitives
Without a place to share
And all the while the humans are
Arguing we know
The Chimps must all be suffering
As the contempt will grow

Is it a lack of planning
Is it patchy care
With animals the need
We know is paramount aware
They all need help and love and care
Their vulnerability
Guarded by condition
Some sort of guarantee

78 old monkeys
One hopes they get their prayers
Answered and people arguing
The splitting of hairs
Hopefully improvements
Will happen anyway
As alarms apparently are raised
They all must find a way

Of engaging in their venture
Their responsibility
Is love and care for the elderly
Not disunity
Peacemaking is the answer
It’s so negative to fight
Dissension and disharmony
Can not be seen As right

All the warring partners
Must fulfil the need
The line of least resistance
And all must now succeed
Burying the hatchet
The privilege of peace
Formulate a policy
And just try to release

Let soundness and let goodness
Be the order of their day
Enhance and enrich their lifestyles
Let them feel their way
Give them the recognition
To socialise and be
Happy and contented
Unlike the laboratory

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