Asha (lonely and blue)

The culture of a zoo
The lack of understanding
The torturous intent
Where that in fact is landing
Elephants are social souls
Familial intent
Instinctive and impulsive
The life time that’s she’s spent

In that ghastly hell hole
Is going to resonate
She’s rejected spurned
And lonely
And For an Elephant that’s not great
Is cruel it’s really zoo like
A business so to say
And who sufferS in That Ailing world
The victims, so to say

And she’s one of the victims
A lifetime on the scrap
A heap of non-acceptance
Passed over it’s a trap
And that does beg the question
How humanity does feel
Removing souls from Gods earth
And caring for them for real

Choice or discrimination
That’s the question here
An elephant in solitary confinement
It is clear
It’s wrong and zoo’s they do this
And some game parks go it too
Their stubbornness is terrible
But sadly it isn’t new

There’s others another Anne
In Longleat in the U.K.
Sadly living on her own too
And It is no way
An elephant should live
I truly do agree
But Asha and dear Anne
Somewhere they lost the key

Asha clearly she is just a Prisoner
Expected to make rides
And clearly they
Will injure her she after all
Is just Not fit for purpose
Her legs cannot sustain that
Thus she does pay

A high price for imprisonment
And what I hear as well
The zoo is run with no regard
It really is a hell
Little care and attention
Drinking water poor
Rodents running roughshod
It’s infested and it’s raw

It’s ugliness personified
Wild ones shouldn’t be
Caged in filth and infestation
Zoo’s should never see
And be Allowed to run as this one is
Virginia clearly they
Pay animals a disservice
For their angst they get away
There really is no standard
No thought of any care
Neglecting the prisoners
Shows Just how unaware

Humans can be and it’s awful
It’s a gamble that doesn’t pay
It will never be a business
Abuse is just no way
From what I hear it’s grossness
Spiteful wickedness
And to our wild animals
It Is scandalous no less

It sickens me to write about
The evil I see here
The agony these wild souls undergo
Each sheds a tear
Hourly it’s pathetic
You call yourselves a zoo
You stand upright as keepers
And this is what you do

The lousiness the putrefaction
Flies and maggots everywhere
Feces in their feces
They stand there is no wing or prayer
Smutty obscure and corrupt
The order of each day
Matted muddy tarnished
And nothing they can say

Their physical well being
Poor one just can see
Lame of limb deficiencies
The rotting food it be
Coupled with dirty drinking water
Weakness and infection
Suffering is widespread
Which is a dereliction

Collapse and ruination
Of life times caged and lost
Their waking hours have atrophied
It has been at a cost
Higher than most prisoners
Would ever want to pay
And Where there is no hope
Mentally they pay

Imagine this dear soul
Alone with thoughts all of them bad
Living with the vermin
It is entirely sad
She be a proud old lady
Suffering so much
Stricken by this life she has
And zoo keepers out of touch

There is suffering and anguish
I feel it, from here
She is deep in purgatory
Living with her fear
It’s eternal damnation
Her tribulations great
She’s been made a scapegoat
She feels It is her fate

To rot here in this quagmire
Anxious and distressed
Heavy laden with all your ills
Long suffering obsessed
With what is filth and ugliness
Maltreated through and through
Fatigued careworn and woeful
In whatever she does do

As for the zoo and it’s owners
The displeasure that I feel
The chagrin and the uneasiness
It is hard to conceal
My anger for those prisoners
You are suppose to aid
They have no ray of comfort
Their lives now do seem paid

Up and for the scrap heap
A dolefulness we see
A wretchedness the exhaustion
Of what is misery
Cheerless and just comfortless
Drives the strong insane
So prisoners as weak as these
Are under immense strain

Natural Bridge Zoo

Be bloody ashamed all of you

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