A puppy dog

Why did the puppy pee
In his house
That’s what puppies do
Why be such a grouse
Why beat up the hound
That’s isn’t the way
To summon the gods
Or make the soul pay

The head of a business
Should realise he
Should hold back his anger
We all have to pee
All Puppies learn
What is wrong what is right
The don’t have to suffer
Or get into a fight

We have to teach them
With kindness That they
Pee in a box or go out
It’s about education
Training that’s all
Kicking a dog against a house wall

Beating the life out of him
Will not do
And a fine CEO
Should know that it’s true
Kindness and caring
Is what we all learn
Not beating a dog
That’s going to turn

Heads when we see
He’s a hunter who kills
Goes out in the woods
And wild blood he spills
He is shooter wild animals he
Hunts and he kills
So expertly

His poor little “beachy”
Took on the wrath
This environmental man
Walking the path
To insanity strikes me
That that’s not the way
Of making excuses
With such an affray

In the place where he lives
He should know better
Now the world sees him
Not as a go getter
But someone whose anger
Is clearly His own
And he needs the training
Hearing the dogs groan

It tells us everything
Someone should take
The dog Away
For its own sake
Anger and bluster
For me is no good
Hunters are killers
And he certainly could

Hurt the dog more
His anger and all
I would’t consult him
He doesn’t walk tall
In my estimation
From what I hear
He needs a good hiding himself
That’s now clear.

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