WILD CAMELS they used to be shot and left to rot in the desert

Camels the ships of the desert
Hardy and powerful and strong
Remote Aboriginal Communities
The Ngaanya yarra Lands
What could go wrong
Previously shot them
And left them to rot
But apparently developed some plans
For sending them off to the Middle East
Where Camels are wanted for meat
The Camels there sadly have many diseases
So The Australian Camels compete
Favourably therefore a good USP
Disease free and ready to go
For nigh on twenty years
They’ve been shipped out by Air
And the trades very good it appears

One has to feel sad for these camels
They have been wild for three hundred years
Left to their instincts
They are hardy and strong
If we started feeding them
It would all go wrong
They eat when their hungry
Wildness their gift
If we Could onLy learn from them
But profit’s the saviour
If you get my drift

Camels respect
They form friends
And they do
Help each other
And lately man sees this
How true
They see batches of friends
And ship them for slaughter
That’s how friendship Lends
Itself to exporters
A trouble free flight
The batches are happy
And it all just feels right

and now The are ramping up
Exports for they
Are earning it’s turning
A profit they say
UAR The Saudi’s and Qatar
Buying the camels
They do achieve
Much cleaner blood lines
And quality meat
And Australia profits
The story complete

It’s so sad for camels
Wild as I said
Living in groups
Clearly well led
Those farmed by man
To follow regimes
I have never rated
Balance sheets profits
Business and losses
Workers want wages
And too many Bosses
Creaming off lots
And the camels are left
With as little as possible
Yea just bereft

Now nobody learns from this
Now that they do is dive in to
The wild stock
And bring it on through
Now it is clean wild blood lines and all
But it will be messed up
That is my call

I am sad for the wild ones
As a vegan of course
I know the dishonesty
The falsehoods at source
Life becomes a commodity
That’s when man fails
And Nature fights back
As we go off the rails
And why not, the gift
The miraculous souls
Camels great nomads
With wonderful roles
Subjected to arrogance
And two sides now who
Believe they have cracked it
and they do what they do

Bugger up everything
For short term profit
And end up with filthy diseased ridden blood lines and
Antibiotics- GM fulfilment and human diseases
God the most high must be so depressed
By human beings

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