Pigeon flying

It’s all about selective cross breeding
So to say
Man dapples and manipulates
Everything, it’s his way
A bird becomes something to race
A sport a gambling tool
A way to all make money
From a bird who is no fool

They are programmed And obedient
Homing that’s the word
A big dollop of Arrogance
and ignorance Absurd
I might sound so
To pick oneself a favourite
And be sure
To give choice nutrition
And just never ignore

These birds built up on falsehoods
Five hundred miles and more
Expecting them to all comeback
And the first back wins for sure
A lot of Notes for its owner
But what you have to know
Is 500 miles of weather
From sleet sunshine and snow
The strong winds and predation
Can put the dampers On
Lots of them don’t make it
It’s cruel and we are upon
A world that seems to want to
Take advantages for fun
Just ruin their family life
That’s what we have done

It’s going through the motions
Playacting so to say
Just taking advantage
And the pigeons pay
Split up from each other
Split up from the eggs
Made to fly a mArathon
On tiny little legs

Up against the time lines
The weather risks are high
The idea is to fly like mad
Not test and that is why
Many fall by the wayside
They never return
And some Are killed by
Their handlers
Now tHats what I learn

They are Absolutely desperate
To get back to their home
It takes a lot of discipline
And ones eyes they have to comb
The cover and the underbrush
Everywhere they go
Complacency kills
and the challenge
Really it just fills

Up with our emotions
They live out in their coop
But still resemble families
And don’t wish to be soup
Subjecting them to dangers
for many don’t come back
Eaten by the raptors
Or forced into the sea
This,enthusiasm of race is
Shocking.thats if you ask me

But money passes hand to hand
The odds are tight you see
It’s really very very cruel
And really shouldnt be
Every single creature
When we are in the picture they
Get their dose of corvid before they
Fly away

Abandonment is common place
It’s risky all that way
And all of this for accolades
And death
Lots forced to pay
For the birds it is pure stress I think
To reach up to the sky
And realise 500 miles
Is how far you must fly

I mean there is nothing of them
Just feather and a beak
A couple of legs
And their innards
Their might seem at their peek
But leaving home
Leaving their mate
And resting can’t be bad
And so of course they
Try to get back
Which is very sad

Man is far from kind I feel
although words like mankind
Should be removed from dictionaries
So many lose their mind
Abusing all the animals
Fishes and the birds
Subjecting them to bondage
I am left without words

PETA is going frantic
At the carnage and the need
To Really top all this abuse
For we know that it does lead
To a pitiful existence
For otherwise wise souls
Do end up as our lackeys
Or worse still some rissoles

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