Left flooded with tears

Acts of god they called them
An inevitable distress
A family living in HemeL Hempstead
Trying to address
What is catastrophic
When storm Clouds opened wide
And a huge deluge enveloped
a home and all inside

The storm drains couldn’t cope
Couldn’t stem the tide
Of Filthy dirty water
And faeces from elsewhere
Cascading up the various drains
Dacorum didn’t care
There had been floods
They told them
But intermittently
So we’re not prepared to rehouse you
Which is why tragically

Ofcourse again it’s happened
The family split in two
having to live now separately
Not what families should do
All of their belongings
Every precious thing
Destroyed in what was an act of god
The excuse that some do bring

The heartlessness apparent
forced to live in fear
Each day
Compassion tragically
Having empathy for others
Less fortunate than you
Where is the recognition
In what our Councils do

Allowing their tenants
To suffer seriously
They just pay no attention
To what was humanity
And it happens in Hemel Hempstead
Not some far off African state
Where is the consolation
Sadly it’s not great

Someone in the council
Pronounces edicts as to who
Can live in relative peace and quiet
In accordance to
A safe And risk free dwelling
But they Were told it would’t happen
They were clueless
and might now rue

Their informative decision
The oracle had spoken
The suffering it is immense
Their whole world is broken
But Dacorum they knew better
Their philanthropy Extends
Into oblivion when it’s comes to you and me
It sends

Their consciousness and chivalry
Can’t you feel it they
Have their brand new building
In the Marlowes where they pay
So much to the community
Such benefits all share
The altruistic Wizards
Yes We know that they are there

And now an honest family
Pleads for somewhere new
Where the storm Drains hold back
The floods of filth and poo
Dacorum’s oracle in play
The great and good will be
Peering into their crystal ball
Of amiability.

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