In the business of making music
One has to realise
Are their ulterior motives
What is behind it
Maybe it’s just pushing culture
Or is there a story to tell
Or are they trying to influence us
To tempt us whilst hoping to sell
A philosophy maybe, a principle
What you hear do not ignore
A plate full of what appears to be
A crocodile Yes to be sure

What is he saying from the Congo
That Bushmeat is the Best meat To try
Sometimes in the west it’s exotic
But it means that the wild ones must die
Reptiles who live in the rivers
Eating carrion and god knows what
Music can be quite a magnet
But are crocodiles good for the pot

It might be they are in the Congo
Where Bushmeat is popular there
Gorilla and Crocodile some people eat it
But serving it here be aware
Wild foods are not safe
And besides it is wrong
To hunt different species
They all belong
In the jungles the rivers
They are needed there
Being cooked up and eaten in cities
It’s not fair

They can be poisoned
They live in the mud
Eating diseased bodies
Therefore your blood
Can easily get infections
And we
Can die from ingesting
The toxicity

They think they are clever
Musicians maybe
Whilst forgetting
They are setting
A standard as we
May follow their lead
Antibodies though low
and thus eating bush meat
We just do not know

Into our arteries
Into our soul
Some kind of sepsis
Out of control
No anti biotics
To touch such a thing
And bushmeat Believe me
What it can bring

Down on us dwellers
From cities
Some pain
We are not in the jungle
It would be insane
To eat these wild animals
And participate
By supporting exotica
And at a rate
Wild animals may
With their
cart us away
Far from salvation

Far from a doctor
Or hospital where
We could be treated
By people who care
Who know about toxins
And viruses and
Can see from the symptoms
And understand
That going on killing sprees
We may Descend
If nature turns on us
She isn’t our friend
For then all is over
The bitter end.

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