Take a Magical carpet ride
Into an oblivion where dreams
Transport you to another world
With hors-d-oeuvres and where it seems
Dressings wholly flavourful
Conjure such delight
Coupled with toasted
Sour dough bread
And the thrill
Of an Arabian Night
Of those waving Palms
And Star studded Skies
Where camel trains
And nomads veins
Are emboldened in one’s eyes
The excitement of the handmade
Classic chickpea Hummus rests
The pulse of life
The olive oil
And, the citrus zests
The indulgence
The excitement
Of a warm and peaceful eve
Arousing every taste bud
Who doth gloriously achieve
The most cordial of feelings
yes I see
Winging across the desert sands
An irrestibility

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