Mobanza Mobimbo Gerard
As sinful as they come
He a Ivory trafficker
One of the chosen scum
It’s said he murdered
500 met his strife
Felt his bullets
In their soul
And Of course lost their life
And it was fo ivory
For the China trade
That he
Made a Blooming fortune
Where he found such ecstasy
From the rumbling death throes
Of pachyderms who fell
And were hacked into oblivion
By the man who came from Hell

The Congo clothed in darkness
At the vile transgressions he
Carried out for 12 long years
Such irreverent morality
His sacrilegious antics
He just so cavalier
Taking pot shots at the rangers too
People lived in fear
Of him nothing but a gangster
Unworthy and despised
Blameable and dishonourable
All his ills surmised
Sent away for 30 years
And may he rot there he
Can carry the souls of all he killed
And be sure they will come and see

Him in his darker places
Nightmares every one
They will visit and torment
Him for what he has done
That crippling creeping thunder
That is the elephants cry
It will haunt him whilst his heart beats
Until he doth die

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