Goddess and green man

Today I met Tish
I just made a wish
The goddess and green man appeared
She looked so enchanting
The goddess I mean
But The green man was
One of these emerald guys
His OLIVINE ears and his ear-de-Nil eyes
His verdigris locks
Organic was he
And they sold me some books
And I Have to agree
This wonderful grotto
In Glastonbury where
A magickal kingdom
For wizards to scare.the daylights
Out of customers who
Nip in for some incense
And then see these two.

Thanks for your service TISH

Bard of the Cotswold Order of Druids.

2 comments on “Goddess and green man

  1. Why Thank you kind sir!
    A truly wonderful ode!

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Real. I e to have met you over the ether it was truly magickal put it on twitter and fab
      For you to get some more customers hopefully

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