Evolving to a higher level

Thought and the intellect
And great awareness
How consciousness becomes
A spiritual tale
A cerebral happening
Profundity May
When the soul doth emerge
See reason and say
The wild souls
Remaining in places
Where they found
It was gods will
and so they were there
We the great human
Who without future planning
Runs roughshod over
The want as to care

Many have wandered
And Have marched triumphantly
Expressing an interest
In serving a cause
Some lateral thinking
Some real rumination
But stopped at a point
They Just preference to pause

Sharing what we have
With tribal animals
Advanced in their being
All seeing in fact
Absorbed in their thinking
And hardly blinking
Once discrimination
Was how we react

But now we have reached
A point on the compass
Heaven and earth
Are as one in a sweep
The wholesome reality
Is for the taking
Stand firm together
And feel the hearts weep

From The wet of the tears
Down our faces so evident
Despite F O I status
We can go on
NO lack of judgement
A perfect balance
Everyone’s happy
The main stars have gone

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