Building up to a day for the elephants

It’s will always be unflattering
Disparagingly so
To work up to be venomous
Condemning the great flow
The pachyderms tremendous trust
In who are human kind
And to be made to think the worse
To ostracise the mind
Destructive criticism
An onslaught for the heart
Disparaging the leader
An accuser when it flight

One’s rumble deep with drama
A country trying to
Escape the wrath of honourable
Such insincerity
A falsehood and injustice
Corruption through and through
A nation why so treacherous
And it turns out to be untrue

For ones own ends
Such meanness
Mercenaries everywhere
They monopolised the living
Their integrity wasn’t there
A principle of evil
Such viciousness so base
The slippery slope we took it
Lost without a trace

356 elephants Botswana was our home
A felony immoral
Every place to roam
The miscreants were out there
Abandoning us all
And we were easily tempted
Yes I was a fool
To trust the nasty bits of work
The bouncers and the sods
Who apparently were not remorseful
Living without gods
No way of recanting
Conscienceless and wrong
We all died with such torment
In the country to belong

Gifted our emotions
Our earthiness proclaimed
We hoped we had found true pleasure
And now well who is blamed
For our deaths everyone of us
Close to our special day
Botswana did the dirty
And so many passed away

With impure thoughts
The government with such indelicacy
Trey raped our very being
Rife illegality
Unlawful and unstatutory
Condemned for all of time
Damnation be your warrant
And our bleached bones
Is your crime

So many beautiful animals
Murdered in cold blood poisoned
By the cowards who truly knew no better

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