12th of August a day when the elephants are held in our hearts

This date goes back nine years
When Patricia Sims and Micbael Clark
Of Canazwest pictures took it upon themselves
to Try to leave their mark
To persuade The countries gifted
With great Pachyderms in fact
Who Were suffering out in Asia and in Africa
Were Attacked
By poachers and the Ivory Trade
Those low life villainous creed
Lying in wait for the elephants
And wanting to succeed

For their meat and for Their leather
Seemingly poles apart
Trophy hunting narcissists
Who clearly had no heart
They were fickle and uncertain
Illogical were they
Contrary to reason
Selling souls each day
Ivory with a street value
Better placed than gold
Smugglers And black marketeers
All of them seemed sold
Rich hunters ready
To Pay
the price to bag a tusker
Those More layers of dismay
absolutely fantastic souls
Who rumble mercilessly
Tenable and walking tall
Vulnerable they be
In Africa
In Asia
Where we see
The dissatisfied recanting
exactly where with a plea
And From this day forth
The elephants would seek out an occasion
To hope that people ponder globally
And try
To be positive and thoughtful
Such awareness On a high

It took a Canadian women
A film Maker to see
To put her money where her heart was
And hopefully to free
The ever diminishing elephants
Their rumble every time
As each matriarch heads out to lead
She extends her paradigm
She has all
the faith imaginable
With nobility she leads
Out ahead
Encouraging the others
And Their needs

She will see, all is furnished
Such enlightenment for she
Retains the profound learning
Her emboldened literacy
Cognitive and conscious
She knows her way about
Authentic and genuine
And not a hint of doubt

Where were the gifted countries
Their leaders tragically
Just taken for granted
A mistimed absurdity
Erring and unfactual
Perverted in a way
Blundering through the habitats
Erratic so to say

This day to raise the anti
The sagacity and thought
Equipped with a farsightedness
An alertness that is taught
Retentiveness of by gone times
Collectively we reminisce
Impressions let them last a lifetime
Recollecting hours of bliss

And let us warriors of the rights of wildness
The pachyderms whose day this be
Share their forboding and their prudence
And with each discovery
Our resourcefulness will get us through
Despite the habitat’s defined loss
The Inane and fatuous Waffling May
Our time on earth and corroboration
Set in stone this powerful day

Botswana Zambia and Zimbabwe
Such drama of a legitimate kind
Is played out across the nations
Vast tableaus it’s where our mind
And strength of will must fly unprompted
This the day when we may feel
A wondrous choice and inclination
To really be the elephants voice
To acquiesce and serve our sisters
Unasked unbidden beyond the call
We must be ready with unflagging effort
To pursue the hunter the stalking fool

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