White tailed eagles lament

Unparalleled unequalled
The ultimate in flight
Pre-eminently beautiful
A wind span and a might
For me a soul of beauty
A miracle to behold
An integral part of Nature
And worth its weight in gold

Gifted by the gods in fact
Enjoying open space
Boundless in its gliding skills
And such a handsome face
Recently found poisoned
So hard to comprehend
Doomed apparently
A slayer in the neighbourhood
Whose insanity must be
Unreasonably focused
To a meddlesome degree

These rogues have the conviction
That the Cairngorms
Is a place
Where blind faith and naivety
Are working at a pace
Despite a satellite collar
Their mendacity is always working overtime
Such that they can see
Money with the shooters
The old boys network where
If they do away with predation
There is more around to share

The shooters they are heartless
No empathy at all
It’s all hogwash and blarney
Everyone else is the fool
Dupery and swindling
is the name of their game
Caring about wildlife
Well it’s not the same

The wonderment of Nature
The admiration for
Predation in its balanced state
What is Natural Law
The drama of existence
The nobility of rank
The unbroken line the lineage
Just affection to be frank

So to see a white tailed eagle
Cold and in lament
An abhorrence and a loathing
For all the time that’s spent
Nurturing the families
The fraternal feeling we
Have for all the raptors
And the protection that is key

To you Dear First Minister
Your helpfulness is sought
The viciousness that’s out there
The callousness that’s caught
Up in killing eagles
So spiteful and so wrong
I hope that you can help us
And prove they can belong

In the skies of Scotland
In the katabatic streams
Gliding across the mountains
Sentinels whose dreams
Are out there with the natural world
And all the souls who care
For Scotland’s equilibrium
And for those much more aware.

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