What’s sustainable?

A conflict of opinion
Exists in me today
Taiyuan zoo in China
Is living with decay
Concrete walls just cells infact
It’s conditions dire
They have loads of money
But no spiritual fire

Importing little elephants
Taken from their mama
These are social beings
Who you are you are challenging
all Nature
In variance with me
Those babies shipped to TAiyuan
All the way from Zimbabwe

4 shipped out in 2012
3 died on the way
Pining for their mothers
For enmity they Pay
Leaving their home in Africa
The contradiction there
What was the disparity
China didn’t care

Totally unsuitable
To see a baby there
Languishing in a concrete box
Sharing it’s despair
An orphan slave no family
No countryside at all
No guru to attend its needs
And Nobody to school

Confronted with concrete
No love of any kind
A world totally alien
To a baby that needs to find
It’s roots it’s breath it’s home of homes
To trudge the elephant way
Instead it’s just a prisoner
Passing time Away

The wholeness the integrity
Each panoramic view
The order and the harmony
It’s what gets you through
Instead all of this bedlam
The chaos and the strain
Everywhere in disarray
Over involved Again

Mentally it’s not easy
A vulnerability
So much moral weakness
And instability
Powerless and deflated
Being on ones own
Hanging back and suffering
And really one long moan

The distances we travelled
In Africa back home
Following the matriarch
Knowing our leaders roam
Memorable connections
Where the water was
The family was the cornerstone
And really that’s because

Now a concrete cell
So much uncertainty
So much doubt and bafflement
And no guarantee
That things would ever change again
Just be unresolved
Wavering and clueless
One’s future unsolved

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