VIETNAM “with sloppy thinking the whole worlds sinking”

It’s good news I hear
But it’s well overdue
Shutting the animals trades down
My view
What you have permitted
With LION BONES has been
A lack of vision
and I think obscene

South African traders
Canned hunting they
Have been harvesting LIONS
At the end of the day
Kept in small cages
And killed at the whim
Of overseas hunters
Most of them dim

Then exported lion bones
Into VIET Nam
and processed into TIGER CAKE
causing great harm
To those buying tiger cake
Which in a way
Is fraud on a scale
That did not go away

Lion bones and tortoise shells
and monkey bones called
Tiger cake really
They should be hauled
Into the courts and all made to Tell
Why they allowed this sick form of hell

Pangolins there that’s another
Vile trade
China buys scales
And on you they are laid
Boxes and boxes that China requires
For their quack medicine
Based really on lies

So many animals tortured to death
Denied of their lives
Denied of the breath
That keeps them alive
Wild as can be
Not murdered and processed
As we can all see

Cat and dog markets
Ivory sales
The fallibility
The ugly tales
Of slaughter and chaos and mayhem
For those
Animals really Who do I suppose

Suffer in silence
And no body cares
So many jaundiced eyes
All splitting hairs
Lying and conniving
And getting away
With A short sighted insular
Fanatic display

So many animals weeping as they
Are processed for Ejiao the donkeys
They slay
Is it any wonder that viruses spread
With so many crimes
And so many dead

I congratulate you
For at last waking up
To what you’ve been doing
The blood that some sup
The bones some create into cakes
Into pills
I must say all of this
Gives me the chills.

It’s no wonder that people
Are sick everywhere
Filthy goings on
And so much despair
Why were your people
So Irreverent, why?
Doing dastardly’ trades
Where torture is high
Innocent angels
Murdered so some
Can make lots of profit
Leaving many more numb

And frustrated

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