The death of a Mountain Lion (Cougar)

Winter in the forest
Hunters on the prowl
Two dogs and out a tracking
The snow cover cries foul
Not only to the Cougar
But advantageous too
For he can track the deer and elk
But hunters can track him too

Paw prints in the snow
Are telling surely
And hunters with their rifles
And their hounds
Surely have the where for all
To take on lonely cougars
For in Winter they are sure
Out of bounds
The walk around a lot
They do not hibernate
Or migrate through
Their territory, they
Know they have an advantage over
What is abundant prey.

Deer and elk sink in the snow
And leave a nice crew trail
Where as the Cougar has big paws
Snow shoes that never fail
Of corse the dogs will pick up scents
And hunters probably
Will certainly have the upper hand
Like the victim here sadly

The women holds his head up
My wish sadly would be
The Cougar was presenting
and turned around to see
And tooIn a lump out of her groin
Payback If you will
Instead of that we saw it’s teeth
And well I just sensed that chill

A truly handsome Wizard
As magical as can be
Lying dead full up with lead
Wasted tragically
Hunters are so selfish
So arrogant so wrong
She thinks she has the authority
And feels she does belong

Beside this majestic being
A sluggish sloppy soul
Not An once of empathy
Imagining control
She In cougar country
Just bondage on her mind
And an Overwhelming spirit
And terribly unkind

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