The Cabot Strait run

With accusations flying
This way that’s way
Know that ships are sailing
In the Cabot Trait
And they be
Ignoring the speed limit
Their principle haywire
Shameful and disgraceful
rascality on fire

The North Atlantic Right Whales
Surface feed and they
Colliding with a speeding ship
Means injury they say
Most are just killed outright
And captains seemingly
Run the Cabot Strait
Real fast
It’s criminality

It has become endangered
It’s a special baleen whale
Ocean Canada work real hard
But seemingly they fail
How can anyone still impress
On selfish captains who
Ignore the wild souls feeding
And kill them and not a few

10 knots limit for sixty miles
That’s hardly a pain
But people are just ignorant
And otherS well insane
They can be up to seventy tons
And for5y five feet long
That’s a miracle in real terms
And it does belong

In the Atlantic Ocean
Unspotted and naive
Feeding in the daylight
Hoping to achieve
Nutrition to propel
That huge bulk seemingly to be
Confident a simple life
Is wonderfully free

If there is any justice
Left in this old world
Ships had better start to slow
So many great souls hurled
Smashed up to the bottom
Bleeding for all their worth
Just because some captain
Thinks he rules the earth

Their irreverence and feelings
Of superiority
Why should they slow down
Their understanding of the sea
They desecrate and are so offhand
And collisions seemingly
Will carry on until all the whales
Are dead it seems to me

It should be an Arrogation
The companies they serve
Should sack them cut their wages
There is an ethic and the nerve
To run directly over a feeding whale
To me
Is unwarranted and encroaching
On extreme insanity.

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