Sad little DUMBO

Such disrespect for DUMBO
Who wasn’t dumb at all
Only human beings so insensitive
Could fall
Under that spell of evil
And call a pachyderm
By such a dreadful title
It’s meaning makes me squirm

He always tried his honest best
To serve his masters well
Once a wild soul stolen by the beings
Brought to Hell
To serve in a vile circus zoo
This small majestic soul
Made to dance for tourists
Who rode him I hear tell

Elephants are spirited
They are sentient and try
Threatened by the bull hook
With intensity they cry
Alone when they are resting
Sad to be a slave
Put to work by the unseeing
The heartless soulless knave

And Dumbo was no exception
Despite his painful knees
But they just took advantage
Impervious to his plea’s
Forcing him to suffer
Wilfully they made
Dumbo do what he couldn’t do
Until one day he laid

Down and couldn’t get up
The dancing hurt him so
Broke both of his back legs
And to heaven he did go
Human beings must respect
All Animals and call
Them by names that are characterful
Not try to play the fool

The little soul was tearful
Was saddened all his days
The callousness of human beings
And his name of course it plays
Heavily and emotionally
On the little soul
The death of little DUMBO
Who no one could console

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