Residential mayhem

To all you Nature Lovers
The hidden delight
Havens of peace
Towering forests
The sight
On your doorstep in fact
A real great estate
Spectacular views
Where everything’s great

You can build your own dream home
And dream all the way
Know we’ve murdered Roo’s
Who all loved to play
The iconic souls joeys and all
Shot to make way for you
As each one did fall

Karma was noted the Feng shui
Oh dear
Developers love making money
It’s clear
Where god put the wildness
Bricks being laid
Where trees gave us oxygen
A better trade

Is ship in the lovers of Nature and see
They were sick of Melbourne
And wanted to be
Out in the wilds
An hour or so free
Of the concrete and glass
Of their favourite city

And whose going to pay
Of course the wild ones
The mothers and fathers
and their dear sons
God placed them gently
Man took his gun
And blew them Way
Death in the sun

Yea come to KINLEY
It’s bonhomie
Lots of warm hearts
and Such charity
INTRAPAC building
It’s going to be
Responsive to everyone
The empathy

Can you hear the shooters
Can your hear the cries
Will you see the blood
Lost under the skies
They were there first
No matter we Say
We can make money
And that’s a good way

Escape from the city
The concrete and glass
Transfer to wild places
And as we pass
The heavens of hidden delights everywhere
The secret fern glades
And the lovely clean air

We can just shun the animals
Just let them know
The people want dream homes
And they have to go
Not just romp Away
But be shot where they stand
That is Australia isn’t it grand

I wouldnt be seen dead there
The karmic debt
Kangaroos murdered
And we Just all let
The shooters come in
The heartless the awe
And It’s on your conscience
YES For evermore

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