Polar Bears

They are really up against it
Concern and anxiety
Anguished and tormented
By what is the wintry sea
The ice is melting faster
The seals are not around
Long suffering and downtrodden
trecking across the ground

Heartache and just weariness
Having cubs these days
Agony and torture
In this warming phase
So much tribulation
Unlucky and unrehearsed
Hacked off and disgruntled
Apparently we are cursed

We elegise a plenty
The gamble doesn’t play
The splendour and the radiance
On any given day
Bereft of hope despairing
The black side surely here
Desolate and hopeless
Forlornly hooked on fear

How we struggle every moment
Trembling and quaking
As Ice sheets move like crazy
And then end up just breaking
It’s our new reign of terror
Making us tremble so
Foraging in dustbins
With no where else to go

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