To whom it may concern

Could anyone have been more assiduous
I doubt it, for when I did ring
I spoke a to a lady called LOUISE
I was a bit grumpy
But she made my heart sing
Now that is a tall order
I was a put out
Not by her but the RAC
But she left me in no doubt
She listened she was considerate
And as caring as could be
She was very mindful
And thoughtful
I could see
How sensitive how observant
Her eye was on the ball
Needful and knowledgeable
Just brilliant on this call

Staff like this are amazing
She was thorough
And alert
Clearly the RAC is helped
A great deal
An Advert
For I shall tell friends
That I meet
And just one phone call May
Make a lot of difference
To your sales along the way

Attentive and considerate
I felt assured For she
Validated my complaint
She was competent and practised
And I felt good to hear
What she explained
And how she explained
Just everything was clear

What an asset you have there
Genuine was she
A real cerebration
She handled it meticulously
And came up with an offer
For studious consent
And I just hope you appreciate her
For, for me it was well meant

and I accepted

Thanks again Louise

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