Little lugh

Little baby lugh
He was Tossed into the sea
Disposed of by his grandfather
BALOR who wickedly
Decided He was a hopeless case
But luckily MANANNAR
Concerned about pollution
Saved LUGH, who was far
From drowning,
which was fortunate
and raised him as his Boy
Until he was old enough
When his Uncle Did employ
His company apparent
Of very high acclaim
and LUGH was into learning
His skills the very same
Goibhniu a great Smithy
Dexterous and strong
And Lugh became his neophyte
And practised all along

He Grew tall and handsome
And decided to apply
To perhaps be an apprentice god
To the Top God him most high
Who had terminated Balor
Under the same sky
and that he would rule the harvest
And crafts, and would Apply
Whole grains held That life force
Birth and death within
He Knew ADONIS was the god of grains
Within that skin
And that ZEUS who had two daughters
Aphrodite and PERSEPHONE
Each shared six months with Adonis
Which is how things came to be
Spring Through into Summer
Autumn in to Winter

and LUGH Then gave his name to
The sabatt of the day
Harvest time bake bread time
Lammas so to say
Making bread men
Corn dollys corn husk Chains
To wear
Pentacles of vines
Red Apple candles share
The bounty of the harvest
An abundance, waiting
For a summers day
When the ripe grains could be harvested
Threshed and stored away

A time of great excitement
Lots of games to play
Still in the month of Holly
Ruled by Mars and fire
Masculine and protective
Of lightening strikes most dire
In four days comes the Hazel
Ruled by the sun and air
Masculine luck and fertility
And protection aware

A classic triple deity
A powerful soul was he
Very into ravens and crows
Into battle magic
A god of ancient form
Created games to pass the time
Assemblies to warm
Poetry recitations artworks crafts and games
The morrigan would shape shift
In red tresses she inflames
The magic of the moment
A god of warrior skill
A goddess of such beauty
Her prowess for to thrill
Standing stones received a veneration
To increase and heighten aura’s
With the purest energy

In these days of lockdown
Of distancing and more
Vaccinations wearing masks
Or viruses galore
The whole wide world has altered course
Need my dears none more
Than association of magic and spells
Like none we have before

Our order is important
Each member’s heart and soul
Bound as one together
In a collective role
To accomodate each other
As totems one and all
We are warriors together
And will always be on call


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