Significant a moment
With an acquiescence you
Hold a single mindedness
In exactly what to do
To safeguard all the animals
With a real choice to be true
To be really determined
In everything you do
Animals want their freedom
Not circuses or zoos
Free to do their own thing
And, just to refuse
The captivity and cruelty
Associated by
Those hunters of animals
Underneath the sky

Trappers experimenters
Those poisoning and dare
To visit zoos and sea park’s
Every blooming where
The iniquity of keepers
Who really have no shame
Whose insidious behaviour
Is their claim to fame
On line they publish pictures
Of animals they have killed
With their bows and arrows
All the blood they have spilled
Posing with the unfortunates
ANd lifeless victims who
Would be alive if it wasn’t
For the likes of you

Hunters seekers anglers
Shooters whalers those
Evil men of horror
Whose involvement grows
By the day
trophy hunting they
Kill big game for big bucks
That seemingly go their way

Of harming and mistreating
Animals around
Wild ones and domestic ones
Any they have found
They the shameful laggards
Not an ounce of empathy
They have no idea what compassion is
And from your face we see

Lipstick thanks for following
Me a Gentle lad who tries
To also fight for the animals
Underneath the skies
Writing odes and stories
And publishing on line
Having a go At hunters
Most without a spine

Big men with their rifles
Ambushing a soul
Feeding in the distant
Then they like some troll
Hiding in the shadows
Waiting for a chance
To fill the soul with lots of lead
What a song and dance

To perform on Nature
A scoundrel they be
Scum of the earth a pointless scab
Of real adversity
Killing it’s their pleasure
Ending Animals who
Enjoy and want to live
Their lives really as we all do

A poem inspired by my new friend in Twitter

Lipstick x

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