IVORY is killing elephants

The insatiable lust for Ivory
From the thoughtless and unconcerned
They care about their profit
When some have actually learned
That Ivory kills elephants
They sometimes change their tune
But too many ugly traders
In China and Hong Kong
Couldn’t care a monkeys
And they know they have done wrong
And they lie their miserable heads off
And they source the new Ivory still
And poaching goes on rampantly
And perhaps it always will
Until there are no more elephants
Perhaps that has to be
Greed and evil is everywhere
The arrogance we see

There are several schools of thought
One of sustainability
That involves the killing of some elephants
And some people do agree
Poachers hunters get their kicks
From murdering the prime
And living off the profits
They do this all the time
Greed though takes them over any quotas
That they make
And the elephants are suffering
For the laws they all just break
And policing elephant huntingAnd the Ivory industry
Is corrupted sadly
As the world at large can see
Go and visit Hong Kong to Ivory shops
And they
will tell you bare faced lieS
About their Ivory all day
It’s Siberian they will tell you
Out of the Permafrost
We sell Mammoth Ivory
But then Of course they have lost
The argument already
Because it’s obvious they
Are selling African Ivory
Where elephants do pay

Hacked off by these infidels
It all goes overland
The Ivory that Kenya burned
Who could understand
That waste of a commodity
All it did was make
More Of our elephant targets
The trust that act did break
There is a trade in Mammoths
From the permafrost
It’s coming in via Russia
At a fair old cost
There probably is a lot more
Still to Be found there
And That must save the present elephants
For All of those who care

Smuggling Now is rampant
Tourists in their bags
Head across the borders
So many lost their rags
Dogs are trained to sniff out stuff
And many have been caught
But the Ivory mafia
Sadly can’t be bought
So many vested interests
People on the take
They could actually care a less
For elephants
The cake
is far too big and tasty
And everyone wants a slice
And people selling Ivory
Many are not nice
All these rotten trinkets
Have flooded Hong Kong
The traders they are mindless
Moronic all along
They lie their miserable
heads off
And still the elephants die
Shot down in a burst of bullets
and few around ask why

Corruption in the countries
Where the elephants come from
The locals want some action
Black marketeers they bomb
The life out of the politicians
Blackmail and the rest
So much criminality
Now that’s off my chest
Elephants are up against it
Surely that is true
There are so few convictions
Poor judgement it rings through
Partisanship and and clannishness
And the gung- ho attitude
So many unimaginative
And sadly bloody crude
Ivory means death
To elephants, and they
Are being shot to pieces
As machine guns take away
Whole families shot and bleeding out
Tusks hacked off at will
Leaving infants standing crying
And sometimes they just kill

The lot of them the Matriarch
And every other soul
The greed that’s shown and the ugliness
It is out of control
Inappreciation for the gift
That Was bestowed
On Africa and India
And the great debt that is owed

So many unenlightened empty – headed fools
Who do not have the foggiest
About international rules
They suffer tunnel vision
Arse and elbows they
Really are uncertain
At the coming of each day

They point their fingers at us
We are trying to regulate
From outside the country
And we pay
Little with experience
Of course I listen to
That argument
But honestly still do what I do

Write for all the animals
Sign petitions when I can
Get inside their heads and channel
Really for a ban
I love all the elephants
And every one should be
Protected and looked after
For all eternity

Trophy hunters should be shot
Canned hunters should be fed
To existing Lions still caught up
In their harvesting
That has led
The South African so called farmers
To switch into the trade
Of harvesting wild felines
Put them on parade

Burn their miserable Arses
Stop them in their tracks
Animals Rights we were put on this earth
To watch all animals backs

Which is what we shall do


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