Inspired by Pamela

Of course it’s No to dog meat
puppies caged for soup
Their doleful eyes
Their tiny size
Every single group
Of frightened little angels
Shivering in fear
Hearing cries of others
Who apparently are near
To the butchering that’s going on
And the bubbling pots of stew.
All without the compassion
They were born with This foul men
Imagining their craziness
Sweating in their den
Of iniquity and horror
A scourge upon the land
They create more darkness
And we all fail to understand

TAIJI and the banging boats
The murderers who do
Fish out dolphins when they can
Eat some and then view
Others to be sold off to the pleasure parks
We see
Aquaria and watery cells
These angels from the sea
There are now lots of vegans
On twitter as we know
Who fight of course for animal rights
Aware of those who show
Their ugly faces to us all
The killers everywhere
The Faroes and the islanders
Who live and love despair

Pilot whales are hounded
And slaughtered in the waves
Whole family trees they struggle
The people are their graves
All cut into pieces and wind dried
So that they
Become a food for leaner times
Or that is what they say

Pamela and everyone we know
We have to try
And fight the good fight, the honest fight
For those sadly who die
The dolphins and the pilot whales
The porpoises and the seals
The dogs and cats and all of them
Which the crimson sea reveals

There are so many animals
Dying everyday
And each of us must make the difference
So Pamela I say

Thanks for your care and your work
You are an inspiration x

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