It’s carnage pure and simple
So evil through and through
The GRINDADRAP they call it
And this is what they do
Loyalty and courage
The bond these whales all feel
As for the rotten islanders
All they do reveal
Is resentment and anger
Severity and gall
Daggers drawn
Their fury torn
Gnashing teeth and all
Their genetic code abolished
The whole family tree
Terrible destruction
So much acrimony
Forbidding snarling snapping
Bad blood malignancy
Atrocity and outrage
The Faroes are a loutish breed
A vile and shameless troop
Tyrants and molesters
Acting cock a hoop
Slaughtering the pregnant females
The babies and the old
Unfeeling and impassive
Hard of heart and cold
Total immorality
Unfitting and just wrong
Unpardonable and wicked
These bastards don’t belong
In this world or on any world
Their treachery all see
Total desecration of the angels flying free

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