A little cat has found her god who will protect her soul forever

So much fluffy innocence
Guiltless and fragile
An unfallen state
A kitten was bought
And then raped
It was her fate
heinous beyond Any words
Gang raped yes as well
Seven boys did this To her
Took the babe to Hell

Unbelievable such sinfulness
On A tiny soul
Imagine, the agony
So Out of control
Boys sexed up and flagrant
It’s Just beyond all words
Why god spares their lives Today
For me they are turds

Just Fit for a shit house
Each Degenerate lout
Hearing the screams
We can be in no doubt
Getting his friends to join in
All that I can say
Is all of them now
Be shackled fast
And carted away

There are no excuses
Bad Crimes of this type
insulting filth And decency
Each one of them ripe
For at least some public lashings
Pitiless little creeps
Sick in their souls
And all of this
Whilst The Poor babysleeps

An eternal time frame
Her organs All shut down
A mother would disown them
Perhaps even drown
Monsters They
as heartless as any
Now Around
Outrageous brutality
And she dare not make a sound

JFK ANIMAL examined her
shocked it broke their heart$
Thankfully they found the culprits
And The story how it imparts
wantoness and impure thoughts
Such obscenity and how
They buggered her continuously
But BAST is with her now

And will loom large around the boys
As nightmares come and go
Her little spirit they might forget
But she will keep in tow
Their frightfulLy uglY faces
A time curse and one day
They will be repaid
For you see that is the feline way

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