“Dumbo” given a sad name and an even sadder life

Zoo’s Typical business model
Conflicts with duty of care
Ways of making extra profit
Are introduced and there
They Suffer so from ignorance
In Thailand one such soul
Tortured as a baby
So as to control
He was in a private zoo
With arrogance personified
Making elephants dance for people
Letting lots of people ride

It’s wicked such wrong doing
The mentality of zoo’s
Neglect and true iniquity
Zoo’s are just bad news
They called this baby “Dumbo“
But the zoo was dumb and they
Were cruel to all the animals
Trying to get their way
Making them do the impossible
The bull hook Always near
Torturing a baby and giving it such fear

So covetous and self seeking
Dishonest to a tee
It’s all about irreverence
It doesn’t have to be
Neglectful and injurious
Making animals play
Instruments and dance
It never is the way
Human beings need the training
A business as a zoo
Trying to make a living
What do these mahouts do
They let their reputation slip
It’s the mind set of all zoo’s
There to make a profit
And, when we peruse

The balance sheet the duty of care
Really do we find
Is animals being tortured
Being over worked
The mind
Is onLy about profit
Suffering animals they
Don’t get fed or watered properly
And work and work all day

Sadly this dear elephant
Was encouraged to dance
But Couldn’t stand the stress and strain
He didn’t stand a chance
It was like a concentration camp
Forced labour and alas
Both his back legs broke under him
And he died it was that crass
Ignorance and evil
An elephant must not be
Disrespected like poor “Dumbo” was
Such cruelty
The zoo should have been shut down
The keepers should be jailed
Thailand should know better
For this little soul they failed.

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