Significant torture

On Dairy farms unfortunately
Rules are often made
And animals are suffering
Such Harshness which is laid
down on all their bodies
Equally to appear
To undergo real torture
So much harassment and fear

Bulls are Mounted mechanically
It’s too collect their sperm
It’s All done now electronically
And hurts Which does confirm
Sometimes they faint and cry out
They are clearly expressing pain
Repellant and disgusting
And Under enormous strain

They very clearly hate it
It’s joyless one can say
Well it’s molestation
It’s a most obnoxious way
Of getting what you want from them
It’s a disgusting act
But farmers think it’s the best way
It’s so matter of fact

The Nederlands and Norway
Have both banned the idea
It’s like being broken on the wheel
These spiteful arse oles Leer
And come out with expletives
Sometimes then they feel
The bull can give more of its sperm
Which is a rotten deal

Cows too get the rape rack
Inseminated by
The long arm of a farmer
In a plastic sleeve
And why
To deposit the semen
and so create New life
A calf that can be kidnapped
And go under the knife

This my friends is the dairy
An ugly and cruel place
Where the demonic tend to work
And expose their rotten face
Measly to the extent
Their tribulation shows
It really makes my blood run cold
Having to write such prose

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