RAFIKI (in English means Friend)

The Corvid world wide Pandemic
Has curtailed the parks
And so
the poachers
And illegal hunters
Tragically the numbers grow
Eco tourists are not coming
So money there is tight
and sadly the National Parks
Were being neglected
And a fight
Against the poachers
Who see this as a way
To get into the animals
To get bushmeat
So they say

Four of them were hunting
They had ropes
and one a snare
and spears
And they were clearly
the maximum despair

RAfiki was a silver back
A male gorilla he
Was leader of his pack of 17
The Nkuringo pack a key
Group in BwindiImpenetrable National Park
Since 2005
And The hunters disturbed his aura
And did not survive

They said Rafiki charged them
And they were forced to spear
But The facts are
they should not have been hunting
That much we know is clear
As a leader he would charge them
Frightened that they would harm
His group that was his role in life
They caused the alarm

25 years old
clearly a leader In distress
And he is killed
When really they should
Not transgress
The hunters alas guilty
And should be made to pay
A lifetime in the slammer
And a fine to pay.

All the work that had been done
All these years to make
And revitalise the silverbacks
For everybody’s sake
Could really now be wasted
The group might break up they
Having lost their leader
May now all lose their way

The spearing of a gorilla
Charged to protect his kin
Stabbing him in the belly
Really these men of sin
They have no leg to stand on
They killed him Without thought
And being found with bush meat too
That could be what they had sought

They went into his jungle
With Turmoil on their minds
Carrying spears they were hunting
Really behind the lines
After confrontation
Oafs that should have known
And obviously Were ready to kill
As now his death has shown

Their powers of thought
And understanding
Clearly shot away
And because they were so arrogant
Rafiki died that day

For me it’s inexplicable
With the corvid curfew they.
clearly Abused the lockdown
Hoping to get their way
The jungle was impenetrable
They must have realised
They’d be face to face with Rafiki
And could just blow him away

But they killed him
And they hid his body
Hoping to get away
But were picked up
and just spilt the beans
What else could they say

I Don’t believe a word they say
Lock them up and throw
The key into the jungle
Being are the lowest of the low
The colossal work could now have been wasted
So much effort spent
These idiots want shooing

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