Orca hell otherwise known as seaworld

What is more alien
Than a sea pool
Not very deep
But only fool
Would imagine wild orca’s
Could possibly be
Anything other than sick

They live in their pods
WTH instinctive power
Knowledge passed down through the ages
They tower
Over the human
The typical staff
Employed by the SEAWORLD
not even a half
Of them could stand up
To the thought patterns they
Develop in wild life
Surfing the spray
Diving real deep
Catching their prey
In a awhile living ocean
A massive display
Of growth so phenomenal
Massively so
And abundance of marine life
Of plant life
A glow
of life forms of coral
Of Such energy
Compared to a concrete pool
Far from the sea
Blue painted concrete
Frozen fish dosed
With antibiotics
Where really they coast
Getting bored by the minute
And they, Are expected to do tricks
Just everyday

Up to 6 tons in the tiniest Pool
Bring on the chlorine that burns
And the call
To live at a depth
That is not at all deep
Catching ones food
Whilst trying to sleep
Some forty miles a day
We love to swim
Real social animals
Keeping in trim
Real gorgeous families
Airing and proud
A great celebration
In brine we are showered

Such bonds of friendship
We have in our soul
We fraternise widely
In fUll Control
We communicate soft and Loudly
And we
Live for each other
As bold as can be

We get
a vile concrete pool
Just so much chlorine
And no love at all
No living plants
No coral no life
To speak of just chemicals
And so much strife

It’s so artificial
Deceptively so
A visual fallacy
Up and below
Lacking all substance
Death traps and ambushes
That’s how we be

Prisoners held in
Such chlorination
In burns through our skin
It’s never salvation
SEA HELL a is just that
It’s falsely and more
And it’s perverse
Where they ignore

Our being our families
Our food and what we eat
It’s all very salty and iced up
No treat
Projac and antibiotics around
In the frozen fish
And some awful sound

Music payed lousy
Scream kids who
Sing at the top of their voices
They do
whistles and shouting
It’s noisy it’s cold
It feels like a prison
That’s what we are told

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