Kerala killing

Since my poem of the other day
the poor elephant that died
After  eating a pineapple
stuffed with fireworks
and inside
its poor mouth
it exploded
and so damaged her jaw
and we hear she died by choking
But it happened two weeks before
water got in her lungs poor dear
it was  callous and was sad
nustice for dear VINAYAKI
it really makes me mad
to know  that on a buffer zone
so near to  a valley where
elephants come and go
looking for food  and are aware
That  people  have been kind to her
and so she built up trust
and to find an explosive pineapple
Well  I mean it does disgust
 The district police and now on the case
at A DSP office he
as is ZEE News  Sudbury Choudary
They clearly  want to see 
an end game  and  some guarantee
that other wild life will
not  meet the same ending 
So much blood to spill.
“justice  will prevail”
says Pinarayi VIJAYAN
they will catch the culprits
and we will see a ban
Of using and abusing
the elephants around
who must have been beside herself
that regrettably she found
something that had injured her
and within two weeks had killed
nit only her but her baby
two lives alas were filled
with shock and awe and agony
the irreverent farmers who
have no care for the wildness
that surrounds them which is true. 

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