BOBBY Vallabhchandra

To possess that wild
That creativity
To put his money where
His heart is
For there it needs to be
The empathy of knowing
That where we live is where
Nature has a history
And that progress Wants to share

The boulders the great sky scale
The river and the souls
The animals tribes that frequent
This place
Each with their own roles
Gifted to the environment
By the gods of long ago
And having to watch their habitat
Rapidly just go

His conceptualisation
Basis in the sunshine where
Tranquillity exists
Among the encroaching
City fair
All the commerciality
And the hordes that hardly see
The beauty that is India
Resourcefully wild and free

For him there is an essence
A spirit and a sense
Of relevance and meaning
It really is intense
The river and the crocodiles
The fishermen the nets
Egrets ibis mynahs
Many roosting sets
Red skies and pink water
Hues imaginary
The morning light
No fantasy
A dreamer possibly

He walks across the boulders
His clarity is sure
He feels what others miss
In life
And eloquently feels
Inside himself his rendering
Of note
He lives within tHe history
And is I think afloat

Individuals chopping pieces
Out of boulders everyday
breaking up there fabric
Each Rock that crumbles
By the way
Closer to unsaid declaration
Which he feels
Challenges the magic of the Natural World
And deals

A further blow his dictum
Really to let us see
The unembroidered reality
That is crumbling silently
A case perhaps of dupery
An illusion some won’t see
The veneer is wearing slightly
For the all seeing visionary

By his will he seeks to conquer
In what is his gentle way
His thoughts they are beguiling
They are with him everyday
He sees the great perspective
Beyond the cities glare
The primitive is beautiful
And so much loves to share

The conciseness of an evening Jaunt
To catch his nocturnal friends
Who do their hunting in the dark
Such exuberance it sends
His heart a racing rapidly
The excitement of it all
The little croc found on the road
Protesting With its call

He is up against the vigour
The forcefulness the power
The people and their fervour
Growing by the hour
He is cogent and compelling
For the tapestry around
Is suited and is balanced
In the light and by the sound

The rolling rocks
The hovels
Crowded buses everywhere
Upside down birds a reflection
Of their swooping final prayer
The monkeys going about their lives
As they have always done
In what is a race against time
All Played under the sun

Thanks be to Substantial Films

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