By a busy roadside
We found an injured dog
He was old and suffering
His life was one big slog
Suffering an ear injury

There were Maggots everywhere
We took Him off to hospital
He was a true old soul
Dusted his ear with powder
And bandaged it
It’s role
to kill all the live maggots
And then, the next day, to wash
And remove the old guys ear
He had really had had to pay

Dearly for the neglect
Nobody to care
But now sedated and surgically removed
He seemed aware
That we were really helping him
And with lots a sari love
He began to eat so quite the feat
With the angels from above

Clearly his own immunity
And of course our care
He soon got better and began
To run about and to share
Love and all that was wonderful
And “Floyd” got lots of that
and soon was back to normal
Enjoying where he was at

Animal aid unlimited

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