You eat dead flesh do you

The dishonesty
and the total lack of probity
its so disingenuous
to eat
dead flesh raised
to fill the guts of beings
such shamefulness
Why would you   feel the right
to so mistreat
 the shuffling dishonour just
of knowing
animals are being raped and killed
just so you can eat their dead flesh
and forget them straight away
your integrity
 Just knowing you have  spilled
the blood of some ones  family member
how  can you sleep at night
 Causing  this  grief
the only  Way to atone 
is to be vegan 
and why one earth
should it be  beyond belief 
  Vegan for life
has got to be  a way forward
a chance to think
of all the grief you have caused
making others  to stoop before the master
when in essence really 
you should have paused
calling out the vegans  for their rectittude
born of moral fibre 
they who care
unsullied and untarnished
by the dripping blood and   Pain
and wanting to consume
their  dead flesh everywhere
i deign 
 trampling on the innocent
is one thing
Killing  their dead mother
is another
knowing the confessor 
hides beneath the
whimpering Infant
of course I cry aloud
for every mother
screaming in the barn
For its   Sweet offspring
having crimes to speak of
Such sadness
watching others wring their necks
And  chop their bodies into bits
And thinking long term
of the awful stress 
Vegan4 animals Twitter friend 
making others do your really 
dirty work
gorturing gentle beings
every day
knowing mothers are raped 
their babies kidnapped 
and then both of them
Really made to pay.
the vegans of this world
prepared to give up dead flesh meat
we should  give them hell
cor all the unkindness  we meet
The iniquity snd sinfulness
the degeneracy we see
so many animals beaten half to
such utter flagrancy

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