Universal dupery

Shenanigans and skullduggery
its so beyond the  pale
to get through this
we have to find our back bone
And the trail
just  using  our  minds to resonate
And  to banish all this fear
Deceit  it’s bloody  everywhere
Bias that as well
the media are lackeys
giving off a putrid smell
 As for the so called  virus
mendacious  all the way 
fear and more fear
sham and more sham
Pain is well in play
all based  on computer  projections
shit  in shit out,  We see
Imperial College In the loop
and Ferguson the key
 Instigator with  His record
of incompetence beyond
reality  his inanity
and ineptitude 
So fond
Of  putting the wind
up Johnson
the  numbers  got him going 
all the rotten sophistry
the going and the  froing
 half a million just could die
Armageddon here
the faceless mindless  Mobsters
their fabrication clear. 
Perception was  the driver
whats in the minds eye
Every one is jumpy
compounded  by the lie
a wave of obnoxiousness
and real morbidity
with  the BBC and others
pushing out the tyranny
the  buttock-clenching BIAS
its getting to us all
lockdown, under house arrest
eating up their gall
jack boots to the right of us
tasers  to the left
any freedom we ever had
now we are bereft
in a few weeks  we are shuddering
and what we have become
is just like  Communist China
Fearful of their drum
beating loudly in our heads
and the deleterious hum
of bias fear and malevolence 
ringing in our ears
the faceless  so called SCIENTISTS
ramping up the fears
its pure manipulation
on  a massive scale
over a fake pandemic
Each in in our own jail
the satanic global networks
dictating  to us all
via the biased Media
breaking every rule
the cult is after taking on
society that we knew
Orwell and Huxley made it clear
All those years ago how true
access to the inner sanctum
It’s the hunger pains
top down a  few
Can Take us out
and put us all in chains 
the pyramid has been  growing
human society
a tiny few at the very
the rest 
the Police state
little hitlers
everywhere you go
 you will  be fined for breathing
 and walking too and fro
 Cities  empty spaces
the fascist technocracy
It’s  etched  on people’s faces
The impropriety
 totalitarian It’s the view
lockdown starves  our air 
And the BBC pumps out the shit
And more and more despair
how  the one per cent can
actually Be taking over,  They
are doing it with constant fear
every hour of every day.
 A I  the  coming  tsunami 
It will hijack us all
Trans National Corporations
secret societies,  appal
and the blood line network
and the world  and the DEEP STATE
The New World Order  hierarchies
All out  to create
Medical  and BIG  PHARMA 
problem reaction solution
So many  statistics
We  just need  that revolution !
Fear has kind of blinded us 
We forgot the WMD
how Blair brought fear and lies
into the arena  tragically
Now Extinction Rebellion
and all those hangers  on
Climate  change   Set to derange
the pandemic, One BIG con
 It’s  an Orwellian Society
just like the Chinese
face recognition systems
5  g  rolled out
Oh the wheeze!
is happening whilst we are
stuck,Firmly  in our jails
new towers and transmitters
And LED light fails
Wet markets Bats and Pangolins
WU HAN spreads the fear
the air There it  was  toxic
people dying there it’s clear
If everywhere was like China
locked down and in fear
threatened day and night with bias 
reporting, its clear
we would  be lost forever
Just be the anomaly
Sold on molestation
and tortured constantly
threatened   with so many fines
and prison records, or  even  jail
for going out, keep
frightening them
On the  PALE  HORSE  trail
take a few flu victims
Check their RNA
pretend that they are suffering
from the virus
and the way
out to check 
the material to see
and tell the world  It’s the virus
when of course it cannot be
 there Really  has been no tests
that is just a scam
but then what we can do
is  manipulate  the figures
And  communicate them to
Clear people out of hospitals
into old folks
many old with age related illness
their saddened faces
making space for Non existent virus patients
that are going to be
ramping up the  fear for all
broadcasting  on SMART  TV
forget about the virus 
daily people die
from every sort of illness
underneath  the sky
underlying  problems
out patients Yes sky high
the old under strict house arrest
many on their own
businesses in lock down
the help that they  Had known
gone left high And dry sadly
now they must enlist
for special treatment
and hand outs
Ofcourse it’s the Iron fist
Their  families cannot reach them
alone and lost they be
their carers won’t be coming
locked down too you see
many will get so depressed
and many more will die
and doctors will be told
to say the reason
which is why
the corvid deaths are many
anyone who dies
is dying of the virus
But  it’s a bunch of lies
but the bodies are being cremated
so there’s no Cross checks there
the death certificates stating 
its the virus,  be aware.
 its very strange that heart disease and cancers
are just not killing anyone
and Where is our GP
out patients  are not seeing
only the virus  so
wickedness  and painfulness
as  They pass on
and we know
 many die alone
their families just not by their side
the karmic debt to the state is huge
that  emotion is denied
the finality of the  final gasp
with strangers at their bed
the  ugliest  of frustrations
it just fills me with dread
 The  World Health organisation
Tedros who is he
works for BILL GATES 
The psychopath
and speaks accordingly
Anybody saying  anything
from the deep state narrative
of the day
is blocked and has their page
removed and quickly
Google  Facebook the lot of them
yes they
realise who runs the show
and so apply
their screws
meanwhile the BBC and all the others
spread fake news
LOMBARDY  and other cities
in Italy the air
there is  very toxic Too
industrial,  a prayer
no one hears
pneumonia and bronchial troubles
are diagnosed  as Corvid 19
fear   It runs away!
the need is to kill ofF  the independent 
traders everywhere
the lockdown does that rapidly
The government doesn’t  care
handouts to the many
the furlough systems will
its alleged safeguard the workforce
But it’s a bitter pill a standard rate for everyone
slaves let’s call them they
when their businesses closenfor good
as they will  it’s their mainstay
And five g is now being accessed and 
what you will see
is similar states developing
and our children too will be
affected in the schools
the cities from the satellites  in the sky
the kill grid it’s is happening
we can stop it if we try
but listening and remaining
like the sheep they think we are
then our future is a dreary one
compared  to before 
so far
they want to vaccinate us all
The  excipients oh dear 
Its nothing to do with  the virus
its the nano bots  do you hear?
hancock is telling porkies
there can be no vaccine
for corvid 19 is a red herring
And it’s all obscene
five g six g seven g
if we get that far
60mgh  interacts with our oxygen
to scar
and  threaten us  for ever
its weapons technology
and being locked down 
in WiFi cocoons
of  “smartness”is going to be
 the  end of  life as we knew it
a sub reality
the  technocrats are revolting
And exactly where we be
is in the clouds 
of AI 
look at our children now
hooked up to their gadgetry
they are our children Still  but how
every single waking hour
the are switched on 
day and night
a human machine relationship
which I can’t construe as right
and look at social distancing
we need to  be together
musn’t touch listen to them
the virus  tell us whether
you have had the vaccine
you have  had the test
you will not get a passport
or whatever’s  best
 you cannot see our faces
our expressions not at all
masks you  have to wear them
just when you hear us call
“magic dust” trans gender
no need of procreation
no need for men or women
we reach Their new salvation
every country every where
will be like China
no borders  global facism
when they get their way
another  wave and another wave
of virus  and lock down
look at Bill gates eyes my friends
dead they are 
we drown
in An Orwellian  nightmare
its coming very soon
our ancestral  past it  seems
will be your misfortune.
Genocide continuing  unabated
our masters in the  clouds somewhere
rule in every way
slaves and minions those of us
our memories shot away 
the digitals are at it
working night and day
hooked up to the  systems
thats the future now
as for the humane beings
no one quite knows  how
they disappeared  forever
Along  with the animals  they
became the manipulated
when they just all passed  away.
no grave stones 
and no cemetries 
just  dust clouds rising  high
like the dinosaurs  before them
humanity  did die.
no doubt another Asteroid
they will try and sell
but reality will ,eventually
explode their new found HELL.
 With thanks to the sage and soothsayer David Ike  and Ian Crane  and  plethora  of other wise souls
who has been telling the world
of what was likely to happen for years and was  dismissed as a nutter
that sadness has become our reality.

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