Tower Hill KIA

Assiduous and caring
 mindful and so sharing
serviced  my Ceed today
tbey honestly do pay
attention to every need
which is why 
they  do succeed
collected it from my door
and brought it back by 4
 Cleaned inside and out
thats what they are about
the evidence is clear
KIA never fear
attentive  and on the ball
They  make me happy when I call
such authenticity
their scrupulous activity
undeniably  the  best around
all of the staff Yes pound for pound 
give first class service 
in every way 
their veracity
is here to stay
Most  used Car salesnan
what they do
Is really put the wind 
up you
but this   gentle uncompromising
exude real trust
and are the cream
of the Said crop for sure
its what they are there for
to sell and to service the great KIA range  of  cars
truthfully there is no one like them anywhere
service with a smile
and the best coffee for miles 


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