Southern Africa and its horrible trade with China

Animals and China
what they eat and kill
ignorance is commonplace
The  blood that many spill 
in their own lives
Meat Eaters,, Fish Eaters and the rest
buying corporation foods
is simply not the  best
China sees the elephant
as a trophy on a camphor chest
to oggle at
and underpin
their traditional Chinese Medicine 
and their such closed  mind
of zoo’s and subjugation
in so many ways
they are blind
they are eating dogs and cats
sharks  fins soup they say
it gives them certain status
imagine  that as their argument
really it’s their way
of Watching ordinary  idiots
 catch sharks and slice off  fins
and toss their dying bodies
back  YES  New China wins
Lions are murdered by brain dead
with canned hunting in its vogue
South Africa was gifted Lions
and now they have gone rogue
harvesting Lions they call it
un wilding and the deaths
of Lions their bones their teeth
their tails
their penises their skin  their breaths 
And really all else fails
exported  back to Vietnam and China
What  a sin
against all wild souls And Mother
wasting life they are 
scarring this great planet with
their evil from afar.

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