RoseBay willow herb or FIREWEED

After war   fire and destruction
Many people  found
On bomb sites  and where bombs had fallen
Bright new shoots came   From  the ground
signs of new life wonderfully
a species pioneer
they  coined the name of  bomb weed 
or the fireweed 
it seemed  clear
 It was  a perennial
liked  calcareous earth
it seemed to re-establish
attracting diverse  worth
and pollinators  seemingly
were also drawn to  try
To come and taste  the  bounty
And to not be shy
it is  a raw edible
and is now found everywhere
 on road sides, banks 
on railways land
on waste ground
it does sbare
it’s tonifying nutrients
its   medicinal  power
Attracting  butterflies
and moths
and sends it’s purple shower
Of what is floral genius
Even Tolkien  writes about it
”in the fellowship of the ring”
in the Yukon in Siberia
and the first people they  did bring
it into many cultures
many   Many tribes
 brought it into their medicine 
and realised its vibes
were healing
were revealing 
a sentinel that could
benefit  and balance
The  earth itself 
and would 
act as an improver
it grows abundantly
Offering its worldly
goods  and of course is free
 its wild and there for needs to be 
away from chemical sprays
and everything about this plant 
is worthy of such praise.
Bee’s  make a  beeline for it
where bonfire patches  scar
wbere there are untreated ashes
and  where nitrates  are
every plant produces
rhizomes and fluffy seeds
its has an amazing energy
to use light and so succeeds.

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