Positively charged polyatomic ions

The  Supermarkets Are really
Going overboard
spraying  and cleaning the
trolleys at the stores
every time
they are being used
we are all getting abused
anti bacterial  cleaning  sprays
rubbed  all over  it’s the craze
it gets on your hands and clothes
and you 
may realise  that
this is true
quaternary ammonium cations
Just what they can 
is affect your respiratory organs
and irritate you too
Caustic  burns  And nausea
vomiting and death
and thats the cleaning compounds
messing with our  breath
it really is a horror show
the supermarkets they
get their lowly paid staff
to do this every day
see them squirting see the spray
in their lungs
So much dismay
and  residue that then will be
on your hands and arms for free
to be called n anti microbial they
must have these chemicals
And we all pay
For  the  process it’s really
unhealthy to stand
close to the spraying
but they  don’t  understand
polyatomic  ions they be 
causing  us grief
for an eternity. 

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