On the trail

On the trail of brother fox
reading signs and comprehending
for foxes in their wily way
Are never  shy  For they are sending
messages as to what they do
For those  who care
and take   a view 
night is  their time plain and simple
early mornings share
footprints food remains
And scats a plenty  they are there
Leaving  hair on vegetation
and their wild scent Everywhere
four toes on both fore and hind foot
with a heel bar nice and clear
its a slight and narrow margin
their constancy  expressing fear
in their hind foot measured  well
and generally in a straightish   line
the hind foot in the front foot print
so a double print  is a certain sign
old rabbit holes become earths often
foxes  dig  but their armoury
is not as effective  as the Badger
or  the mole and so we see
rabbit holes enlarged to cater
they put  their stamp  on the abode
they need to make  a lot of gateways
entrance and exit  it’s their code
lots of fresh debris left outside
foxes Cannot abide the  flies
they  might  have lots of blind tunnels
but the fox you see is very wise 
it’s in their stride  their wily nature
cunning some describe as sly
clear that is a misnomer
foxes yes they mystify
if it’s vacant  that is clear
if in use  flies could appear
there are  signs many around
the wild ones  leave them on the ground
And  cub droppings they will be
an indication  
wild souls need a water source
and need to play
They stay on course
and so a padded path Will be 
laid down outside there constantly
all signs that brother fox
is there
watching too with time to spare
is a most rewarding share
a hiding place a comfy seat
somewhere clearly be discreet
 a binocular  And  a  camera  set
ready to  put on   the internet
 Inspired by a new friend on twitter
 Miss Ann Thrope



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