My wild red friend

Wild he be
And VOLES he will see
and hear
and dig the vole
his treat
For a certain sweetness 
of its meat
 Beneath  the grassy roots
he will be
ou rough pasture
Neglected and free
parting  the grass
a tunnel will
a breeding nest
as he made his kill
he will defacate 
And leave his sign
on that avid eye
indeed the shine
a wood mouse Too, even  a mole
may  come to grief 
And stashed
in That hole
might be a snack on a rainy day
who knows  whether
or when 

2 comments on “My wild red friend

  1. Simon on said:

    That’s a delightful poem. The short lines are so appropriate for the one who makes those quick left and right movements through the terrain. Thank you for sharing this, Rex

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