Little white and little grey

Imagine at two years old
in Russian Arctic waters
being  captured and sold to
China to the
changFeng  Ocean World
the fear element in their hearts and souls
Must  have been Just awful
to Shanghai an Aquarium
The poor young souls hurled
for ten years being  Gawped   at
by hordes of Chinese  people
in a giant tank no privacy at all
beautiful Beluga’s 
their wildness obliterated
frightened in their meagre sparseness
up against a wall
ethereal and transparent
a lifeless  world so soulless
of illusion and inanity
a huge glass  bubble where
repetition lifeless breathless
disparity and intrusiveness
was evidence creating
a lifetime Of despair
Little grey and little white
grew  bigger by the year
at about 12 weighing 2000 pounds
each  of them shared a tear
 now about 13 foot long 
not babies anymore
And dreaming of  the arctic 
and freedom to explore
 The Sea Life  Trust
and the WDC
got together with others
to see if they could be
saviours in the life of these 
two beautiful Beluga Whales
with lots of negotiation
all that’s gone before
it pales
into a meeting of angels
and a journey
to  Iceland where 
a netted  arctic sanctuary
the two of them could share
so many  formalities
headaches on all sides
a constancy of purpose
a confluence of strides
ANd both were on a 747
bound for KEFLAVIK
6000 miles  of travel
the south coast of Iceland 
they did pick
an open water sanctuary
No gawping anymore
no illusionary bubbles
true wildness for sure
Having  Been  Captured  by the Russians
Sold too the  chinese
the British had bought the aquarium
And  NOW  Iceland 
if  you please
had agreed to be a sanctuary
where they could once again
enjoy a semi wild state
and again attain
some joyfulnes  and freedom
and  happiness  there too
in this icelandic   paradise
Where beluga’s dreams come true.
 Cathy Willamson
Andy  Bool
melin entertainments
and a host of others

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