Human rights

The obligation of decency
the rights the ethicality
life is precious for one and all
and our Human rights
we all must call
them out when what we see
is many losing them
the right to say
to speak to feel to be assured
justice must not be ignored
no matter who and from where we come
the equalness  for  there are some
who would  deny  the decency
of fittingness and normality
it makes me sad 
when the poor are forced
to cry a lot  the  blood  that’s  coursed
through their veins is the same as mine
wbere ever we stand
in any line
wbatever colour whatever race
we are sisters and brothers
of one huge race
of beings  in need of basic rights
poetic  justice in our sights
thank you  for following me
down the road
And I thank you so much 
with a little ode  

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